SSAI Sponsors

Sword Swallowers Association International would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their support. Through their generous contributions and efforts, SSAI has been able to deliver quality benefits to its members and the independence necessary to continue its growth.

Individual and business donors

Individual Sponsorships

James Taylor, Shocked and Amazed
Frank Kossa

Business Sponsors

All of the SSAI business sponsors have developed personal relationships with the organization. Members have personally tested and endorse the products manufactured and sold by these companies. These businesses are more than sponsors, they are recommended because of their superior quality and service.
Blades of Tara Swords
Blue Heaven Trading Co. & Leatherworks
Shocked and Amazed

How to Sponsor
If you are interested in sponsoring the organization in any way, or finding out what sponsorship entails, please send an email to

SSAI encourages building relationships. We don't want to just increase our number of sponsors, we want to make connections and grow friendships. For this reason, sponsors can count on us testing their products, talking about their business and showing genuine interest in what they do. Only by developing a personal connection can we all benefit, be it the organization, our members or your business.

Sponsors receive recognition on our online sponsors page and in all of our publications, a link to their website to help encourage business and the rights to use the SSAI logo on any publications and online material owned by the sponsor. In addition, sponsors with products that we have tested and approve will receive the exclusive rights to use our "endorsed by SSAI" logo.


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