Booking a Performance

As a service to its members, SSAI is pleased to take requests for bookings. If you have an interest in securing a performance by one of our members, please fill out our performance inquiry form.

Each of our members is a mult-talented individual capable of putting on a first-rate performance. Whether you are looking for a sideshow-inspired performance, a world-class Vegas style act, a show with Middle Eastern flair, or an abstract piece of performance art, we have just the right act for you. Simply tell us the details of where, when and what type of performance you're interested in, and what kind of budget you have, and we will forward it to our members to help you secure the perfect match for the right price. (Due to the extremely dangerous nature of this life-threatening stunt and the limited number of sword swallowers around the world, prices for individual performers' shows can range from $500-$2000/show, but depending on the individual performer, may include other acts such as fire-eating, bed of nails, etc.)

If you are a media producer looking for a sword swallower for a film, TV program, music video, documentary, or TV commercial, please contact us directly.


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